This shows a picture of our pin assembled in the original hinge. The full specifications for the pin are as follows:

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      • Aerospace grade 4140 steel sholdered bolt
      • Aerospace Military Specification 12 point Locking nut
      • Specially machined plain shank stepped bolt for the application
      • Threads only at end of replacement pin for retention
      • Phosphor Bronze flanged bushing for durability
      • Industrial grade steel shim washers
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The pin installs directly in place for the original GM pins in the hinges.

All you need do is carefully remove the old worn out pins and bushings, by grinding or drilling one side and tapping through. Then whilst supporting the weight of the door carefully clean the corrosion out of the holes, press the new 3rd Gen Solutions bushing in, push the bolt through and torque the nut up tight. As easy as that.....