Please be patient while this loads, it contains the original GM workshop handbook section for complete door hinge replacement.

Summary of the GM service manual for REPLACEMENT of the hinges:

  1. First remove all door trim, all wiring going to the door, and remove the door completely from the vehicle.

  2. Carefully scribe the location of the original hinge where it attaches to the door.

  3. Drill out all four MIG welds (the welds are inside the door, not on the hinge side) the welds must be drilled out from the hinge side where you have to guess at the exact location of the welds.

  4. Drill four entirely different holes to attach the new hinge to the door with four bolts and a reinforcing/backing plate.

  5. Now here is the interesting part, GM has made no provision for welding the hinge to the door. As if that is not bad enough, of the the three bolt holes that originally attached the hinge to the body, the replacement hinge only has two.

  6. The third "missing" hole is an index hole that is designed to locate the door exactly, to align it correctly so that it will fit and close properly.

  7. You must now guess at its location and drill a new one in the hinge.

  8. Remember I have done this job TWICE! Good Luck!, I will NEVER even think to attempt to do this again.